Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Assalamualaikum.... :)

Who wants to be a good parents?? :)..
Now, we will sharing about one interesting topic... ;)


  • Show the children the front cover of the book, ask what the story might be about to create interest- if you are really interested, they will be too.
  • Be well prepared and have other books on hand in case you have more time than planned.
  • Use a big book if possible so that children at the back of the group can see.
  • Make use of visual aids like puppets and/or story sacks wit the characters in the story so that children can act out the story as it is being told.
  • If you have spare copies of the book - give them out to children who have difficulty concentrating so they can follow the story more easily.
  • Involve the children in the story, make it an interactive experience by asking children to listen out for things, stop to ask questions about what they think might happen next etc.
  • Vary your tone of voice - if you are interested in the story telling, the children will be interested and will listen.
  • if you have large groups, lead into two smaller group for story if possible.
  • use a space which is conducive to sitting comfortably without to many distractions - screen the story telling corner off from the rest of the room if possible.

Prepared by : Teacher Nur Azila Ismail

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